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July - 2016

Wherever You Go, There We Are

by Flay Mohle

New responsive Futures Past Website

Newly updated Futures Past web site is now mobile-friendly

A few months ago during an NTISA chapter holiday dinner gathering I found myself in conversation with Flay Mohle of Creative Intelligence. He worked with me to design and launch the previous Futures Past website back in 2005. At the time it launched, our clients and friends loved the new look. I saw an increase of just over 400% in visitor traffic, a welcomed boost in new business inquiries and many new clients in need of estate appraisal and liquidation services.

Everybody is going mobile

In between bites of calorie-rich holiday delicacies the subject of websites arose. Flay shared with me that over the past couple of years the bulk of web search traffic had shifted away from desktop/laptop computers to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. This evolution in internet access via mobile devices was driving a major shift in the design of websites and how page content must now adapt—or become responsive—to accommodate the differing screen sizes and shapes of various mobile devices so that page content is more easy to read and share. I also learned that websites previously designed for viewing only on desktop/laptop computers were beginning to suffer from declining search rankings and dwindling traffic. Ouch! More people are now using their mobile phones and WiFi-enabled tablet computers to search online for useful realtime information, shop and make purchases and stay connected using their social media platform of choice. It became clear to me, that if the Futures Past website was to avoid a rapid decline to online irrelevance and obscurity, changes must be made to adapt to a new digital reality.

Adapt or decline into obscurity

Fast forward to today: The end result of our impromptu conversation is a newly redesigned Futures Past website. Thanks to Flay and his Creative Intelligence team, you can now easily access and view the site from any desktop, laptop or mobile device with access to the Internet. The site pages are responsive, meaning they adapt to fit any screen size or orientation making it easy to view content. We also expanded our social media channels with the addition of a new blog called Posse$$ions of a Lifetime, and it’s easier than ever to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google+ using the links at the bottom of each page.

I hope you agree the redesigned website is attractive and will appreciate the expanded accessibility offered by responsive design technology. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all should you choose to share the news about the new Futures Past website with your friends and family. In fact, I encourage it! Here’s to staying in touch no matter where you may roam.